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Mill Park Heights has a very dynamic student environmental action team made up of a representative from each grade across year 5 and 6. We are called The Environmental Tacklers.

Team members must campaign to be selected for the team and are elected by other students. Candidates usually prepare a speech about why they should be selected and present it to their grade after which an election is held. Environmental Tackler delegates represents their classes’ interests and present their ideas and suggestions to environmental team meetings for discussion and possible action.

The Delegates are independent students who have an awareness of social justice. They are confident speakers with an interest in the environment and prepared to get their hands dirty when the need arises for our gardening and school improvement initiatives. These students help plan and run whole school initiatives such as the wrapper free trophy, tree planting day, green day and Environment week. They have the opportunity to represent out school in the wider community at student leadership Environment Conferences and visit other schools to share the sustainability message and learn more about sustainability from others.


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