Science and Technology

Virtual Reality

Some of our lucky Year 5 students got to submerge themselves into the amazing world of

Virtual Reality. Thanks to Mindflight7

Mad Science Incursion

Who made it to our Mad Science Incursion? The students were absolutely enthralled and entranced as they learnt that air is invisible, odourless, all around, takes up space, and exerts a pressure. It can also be used as a weapon! Look out for an airzooka assault and some giant smoke vortex rings.
They flew toilet paper using Bernoulli’s principle, and levitated beach balls.
Then they learnt about the two types of electricity: flowing and static and made some super static electricity with the Van de Graaff Generator. They watched wool fly, fluttering confetti fireworks, and a hair-raising demonstration!!

Blue Bots

This term the Year 3’s have been looking at grid references on a map.  To help us with this, we have been using the Blue Bots.  These are Bluetooth robots that we can program to follow a set of directional commands.  It was great fun programming our bots to start at one grid point and finish at another.

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