2022 has seen the introduction of an Auslan (Australian Sign Language) exploratory program into the Mill Park Heights Primary School curriculum for students in Years 3-6. Auslan is the sign language of the deaf community in Australia and students are specifically learning the southern dialect, which is signed here in Victoria. Weekly lessons allow the students to develop an awareness of Deaf culture and sign language, they are taught to communicate through this rich visual language. 

Within Auslan lessons students practise:

  • Signing the alphabet and finger spelling.
  • Counting.
  • Greetings to introduce themselves or ask someone their name. 
  • Signing vocabulary on different topics. 
  • Strategies for communicating with someone who is hearing impaired.
  • Recognising variations in sign language use. 
  • Translating high frequency signs/words used within a classroom. 
  • Responding to instructions delivered in sign. 


Students embrace and fully engage in our Language – Auslan lessons and are involved in thoughtful discussions around the importance of inclusivity within our community.


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