Welcome to FOUNDATION at Mill Park Heights Primary School.


Year 1

We loved watching all the food dye from the M & Ms merge together to look like a stream of rainbow. The letter M actually floated to the top of the water because it is made from edible paper!

Year 1A

1A read ‘BEAR AND THE PICNIC’. We had our very own indoor picnic. BEAR was our special guest – he even had his picnic basket!

ArtSpace Year 3s

In Performing Arts, students from Classes 3C, 3D & 3E are exploring elements of music through playing the xylophone as well as learning about a variety of percussion instruments. Students are learning how to sit behind the xylophone, how to hold and use the mallets and how to correctly play the xylophone bars. While learning different songs students are gaining an understanding of beat, rhythm, music notation and melody. Students have been very excited to be learning a musical instrument as well as learning the lyrics to different songs. In Visual Arts, Classes 3A & 3B are modelling with clay. Their goal is to create a Crazy Clay Critter. During this process they will be learning how to mould a pinch pot, how to add features using correct joining techniques, how to add texture and finally how to underglaze and gloss glaze their finished creation. All Year 3 classes have been very enthusiastic and have settled in well ready for an exciting year in the Arts.

Mrs Hurrey, Ms Fribbs & Mr Evans

Arts Quote:

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Year 2 Performing Arts

The students are very excited to be in the big Performing Arts space for this term. We are focussing on Music now and then we will start Movement and Dance later in the term. They are playing a variety of percussion instruments focussing on beat and rhythm as well as symbols representing sounds. They will also create and perform a ‘Soundscape’ as a whole class, and in small groups, (telling a story through music/sound).

Laurelle Fribbs

Arts Quote of the Week 

 “Music is what feelings sound like.” – Author Unknown

4B Makey Makey

The students in 4B have been using the Makey Makey to investigate about circuits and the different materials that conduct electricity.

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