Welcome to Year Five at Mill Park Heights Primary School.

Year 5 Maths

During maths students in Year 5 have been investigating location, symmetry and transformation. On Monday they were able to apply their understanding using Minecraft Education, where they had to solve a number of puzzles in order to progress...

Cooking Elective

Our cooking on Friday involving students from Year 2 - 6, we made lemonade scones!All students kneaded their own portion of scone dough and once cooked got to take them home.

G.A.T.EWays Experience

This week some students from MPHPS and other schools participated in the G.A.T.EWays program. In the year 5 and 6’s group we learnt about philosophy and dreaming. We asked questions like ‘Do dr eams reflect our everyday life?’ and ‘What is the difference between...
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