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Year 3 – 6 students will be given the opportunity to participate in the 1:1 Netbook Program.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I buy insurance?

We strongly suggest that you take out the full insurance as the most common use for the insurance claims are devices by dropped or something being spilling on them e.g. drink bottle in school bag. If parents do not purchase an insurance policy and the device was subjected to a liquid spill or crack touch screen, a repair bill could exceed the initial cost of the device. If families have purchased insurance, the device could have been fixed for $100.

Do I have to purchase a device from the school ordering portal?

Our 1-1 Netbook Program is completely optional if you decide not to take part, a shared school-owned device will be available for your child to use in the classroom. If you would like to speak to our ICT Team about this, please call the school office on 9436 8866.

The devices on our school online portal are carefully selected to meet the needs of the school environment for the year 3-6 program. They are provided with 4-year warranties to last the whole years 3 to 6 and optional but strongly recommended accidental damage insurance.

The pricing we offer on our portal is not comparable to any other devices you will find online or in stores. The netbooks we offer are a customised devices that cannot be bought in retail stores. With a consistent fleet of netbooks, staff and students will be familiar with their efficient use in the classroom. It also assists with the rapid repair times, as our supplier keeps large stockpiles of readily available repair parts on hand. All notebooks will come with custom education software preinstalled by the school.

Can I take my child's device to a shop or a friend to be repaired (or attempt to repair it myself)?

No. This will void any warranty and insurance on the device, the school ICT Department are here to provide the simplest and most cost-effective support.

Where can i buy accessories eg stylus pen, charger?

These can be purchased from the Accessories Online Portal

Should I buy a hard case/bag?

Yes, we strongly suggest you purchase a hard case to protect your device in and out of the school bag. 

What is the process for addressing issues with my child's device?
·       The first step is to notify the classroom teacher so they can determine if the issue needs to be escalated to the ICT team.
  • The ICT team will repair the device same day turnaround when possibly or determine that a warranty or insurance claim will need to be made. In this case, the claim process will be handled by the ICT team.
  • In the case of insurance claims, a $100 insurance excess applies. LWT will invoice the parents/carer explaining the issue and requesting payment to finalise claim.
  • The average repair time is 48 to 72 hours. If the process takes longer than 72 hours, the ICT team will provide the student with a loan device.
  • Once repairs are completed, the ICT team will be in contact with the student to hand back the repaired device and collect any loan devices that may have been offered.
What if my child is leaving/changing schools?

The notebook will be yours to keep but before leaving, we ask you to notify the school’s ICT team. The device will be collected, decommissioned from the school’s network, appropriate software installed and returned to your child. All warranty and insurance will still be available for the device after your child leaves the school. These can be claimed through Learning with Technologies 1300 839 605 or log job with LWT through portal.

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