The MPH Competitions Google Classroom is a platform that is used to keep students updated on some of the latest internal and external competitions, allowing them to utilise and showcase their passions and strengths across a range of different areas. The competitions promoted on this page are carefully selected and/or designed by the High Ability Practice Leaders and updated regularly.


At Mill Park Heights Primary School, we believe all students need to follow their own unique learning path, by exploring their passions and curiosities through rich and authentic learning opportunities and experiences, across a diverse range of curriculum areas.

Mill Park Heights P.S is excited to be part of the Student Excellence program and providing a range of initiatives to support our high ability students. 


Victorian High-Ability Program

Our high ability students in Years 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to participate in 10-week online extension and enrichment programs, in English and Mathematics delivered by Virtual School Victoria. These enrichment courses will focus on facilitating a deeper level of understanding, promote collaboration, risk taking, and challenge students’ critical and creative thinking skills.


2020 High Ability Program Courses

English: The Power of the Pen

Mathematics: From Secrets to Symbols


Selection for the Victorian High Ability Program

Only students who have been selected by the Department of Education and Training are able to participate in the program. As part of the selection process, the Department analyses student achievement data to assess student readiness and ability to participate in this program. Selected students will only be offered a place in up to one course each term.


On Tuesday the 24th of May, we had 25 high-ability students across Years 1-6 participate in the ‘Ignite’ GATEWAYS Program. Students participated in a full day of Mathematics and Science enrichment experiences, designed to extend their knowledge, strategies and critical thinking skills. Our students were fully engaged in both Workshops and should be proud of themselves for the effort they put into the program and the growth mindset that they demonstrated throughout the day. We look forward to inviting GATEWAYS back to Mill Park Heights to work with more of our students across other curriculum areas!

Victorian High Abilities Program

Hi my name is Noah,

In Term Two 2021, I participated in the Victorian High Abilities Program.

 I met a lot of new people and learnt a lot of new and fascinating things in Maths.

I really enjoyed meeting other students who all shared the same love and interest of Maths as I do. This was all done remotely using WebEx.

 I will never forget this experience and will always appreciate the opportunity I had been given to participate in this wonderful program.


Victorian High Ability Program

At the conclusion of the Victorian High Ability Program, students from the participating schools were given the opportunity to participate in a Masterclass. The Masterclass was held at Mill Park Heights P.S and hosted by Taryn Volpe and Nikki D’Antonio (High Ability Practice Leaders). This provided an opportunity for students to connect with like-minded peers, reflect on their experiences and delve deeper into some of the big ideas from the course. Students worked in teams to complete an Escape Room Challenge which consisted of a series of ciphers that they had to decode. This was a fun and engaging way to celebrate student learning, congratulations to all the students that were involved!


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