At Mill Park Heights Primary School students explore and express ideas, practise techniques, present and perform to peers and respond and interpret in the areas of Performing and Visual Arts. They work to develop their skills, knowledge and understandings with an emphasis on personal effort, enjoyment, creativity, engagement and decision making.

The duration of our Art Classes are 100 minutes, taught as a double lesson each week. Throughout the year students participate in both Visual and Performing Arts Sessions.

Areas covered in the Visual Arts Program include:
  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Textiles

  • Construction

  • Modelling

  • Print Making

Areas in the Performing Arts include:
  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Music


The 2021 Arts Team:

Foundation: Britty Marie

Year 1: Britty Marie

Year 2: Britty Marie & Garry Evans

Year 3: Zoe Hurrey & Garry Evans

Year 4: Garry Evans

Year 5: Zoe Hurrey

Year 6: Zoe Hurrey

Students’ artwork and experiences are displayed throughout the corridor during the year, on the school website (Photo Gallery below) and in the school newsletter.

Garry Evans, Britty Marie & Zoe Hurrey

If there are any questions about our Arts programs please come up and speak to any member of the Arts team.

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