2022 Explanation of Contributions Foundation to Year 6


Parent Payment Policy

Parent Payment Overview


Swimming (all year levels): The Swimming program is conducted at a local facility for all year levels during the year. Dates, times and contribution requests to be advised during the year.


Inter School Sports and Alternate Sports program (Year 5-6):  This program is conducted on a Friday (3 sessions) to enrich students in a range of sports.


Camps and Excursions:   Camps and excursions are undertaken in addition to the standard curriculum program, parents will be advised of the cost of the excursion and camp. 


Methods of Payment & Statement of Accounts

Mill Park Heights Primary School offers various ways to pay your contributions.  Families can pay via Compass, BPAY, Centrepay over the phone with credit card or at the General Office. For Extra-Curricular Items and Activities, financial statements will be emailed to families each term.  For further information please contact Leeann Ferris, Accounts Receivable on 9436 8866.


COMPASS Community Portal

Parents can also pay via Compass.

For events please ensure that you give approval online and pay by the due date as the system will lock you out after this date.


BPAY Facility

Mill Park Heights Primary School has BPAY to assist parents in making payments. Below are the guidelines for which BPAY will be applicable:


      • The Biller Code and Reference No. are located on your payment document.

      • BPAY can be used to pay full amounts or for specific items, e.g. School excursion.

      • Where parents select to pay through Bpay instalments please email to advise how your payment is to be allocated.  If the school is not notified the payment will be allocated in the following order:

1.  Curriculum Contributions

2.  Netbook Program

3.  Camps & excursions

A Bpay payment generally takes 2 days to come through to the School’s bank account and the Bill Code will be DET

Note: that the description you enter with the BPAY payment is unable to download to our software.



Mill Park Heights Primary School is registered for Centrepay through Centrelink. This is a service available to families to arrange deductions from their Centrelink payments to be allocated directly to school payments.

Please read the following information from Centrelink if you are considering using this facility.  

Information from Centrelink –


Refund Policy for Camps, Excursions & Incursions (on-site activities)


Financial Support Options

Various financial assistance available as follows:


CSEF – Camps, Sports and Excursion Funding

CSEF Application Form

Saver Plus Program

A Start in Life Program

State Schools Relief


Please contact the office at Mill Park Heights Primary School 9436 8866 to discuss should you require further assistance with payments please contact the Business Manager, Nat Kennan on 9436 8866 or


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