On the 31/5/22 Year 5A and 5B got to experience patting Charlie the therapy dog. Everybody loved him and had a smile on their face. Even Charlie had a smile on his face. Most of the students got to have a pat and chat with Charlie and his owner Sally. Sally told us about Charlie’s early life, what he likes, and his traits. We all wish to see Charlie again.

“When I first walked in and saw Charlie it was unexpected. When we were patting him he was just sitting there quietly. I felt relieved that I got to pat a dog because I haven’t patted one for a while.” Tiana 5A  

“When I first saw Charlie, I was nervous but once he came over I felt more comfortable with him.” Daniel A 5A  

“I was shocked when I first saw Charlie because it was unexpected. I got to pat him which made him and me very happy.” Yaman 5B  

“When I saw Charlie I was so excited as dogs are one of my favorite things in the world. He had the same traits as my dogs, like being lazy at times, bark when they want, walking around, sneaking and exploring.” Daniel D 5A  

“I am feeling happy and sad. Sad because I remembered the dogs I used to have, happy because I got to have fun with him. I was able to check his microchip.” Mason B 5A  

“When I walked in and saw Charlie in the classroom I was surprised. Talking to Charlie and patting him made me happy.” Destiny 5A  

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