After school each Monday, some very enthusiastic students meet in the Visual Arts Room to sing songs and learn how to play the ukulele. Students learn how to hold the ukulele, learn different strumming techniques, understand musical terminology as well as gain experience playing a variety of chords and songs from various music genres. Songs we have been learning this semester include: Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, On Top of Spaghetti, Blue Suede Shoes and Found a Peanut. We are looking forward to recording these songs towards the end of Term 3 when we visit Lalor North Secondary College to spend time in their Recording Studio. We have also been invited again to perform at the Big Night Out in October. Well done to all our ukulele students. Keep practising and keep on strumming!  Mr Evans

Art Quote of the Week: ‘It’s hard to frown when ukulele music is going down!’ Anonymous


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