As part of our Identity Unit, Year 4 students in Visual Arts have been learning about Portraits. Students viewed and discussed a variety of famous portraits including a video of Peggy Flores demonstrating how to draw a face using shape, proportion and placement. Students then used their student netbook cameras to photograph themselves or a friend before sketching a portrait using grey lead pencils. Our students then learnt different water colouring techniques to give life and colour to their artwork. The end results have been stunning. Towards the end of the term some of these portraits will be displayed in the corridor in the main building near the Senior Arts Room. I’m sure you’ll be impressed!  

Art Quote of the Week:

“There’s no symmetry in nature. One eye is never exactly the same as the other. There’s always a difference. We all have a more or less crooked nose and an irregular mouth.”

Edouard Manet    

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