Different Year 3 classes are doing either Visual or Performing Arts in Term 1 and they will swap over in Term 2.

In Visual Arts, the students have created a front cover ‘poster’ look design in their journals using specialty craft paper. Learning and incorporating the skills of block/bubble writing showing an awareness of size, shape, spacing and readability. The students are now taking a magical journey into their imagination in a unit called ‘Creative lmaginary Creatures’ and learning new skills in colour mixing, design and collage as they explore contrasting colours, shape, size, spatial relationships and theme.

In Performing Arts, we are exploring elements of Music through playing and researching a variety of melodic and non-melodic percussion instruments. There is a particular focus on playing the xylophones thinking about beat, rhythmic patterns and melody, as well as singing, playing and creating songs. There will be a whole class performance of a musical piece with rotating groups of singers, rhythm percussion players and a melodic xylophone section. Lots of enjoyment by all J

Laurelle Fribbs, Garry Evans

Arts Quote of the Week:   ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together’ ~ Vincent van Gogh

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