This year our Year 4 students participated in our 17th ANZAC Day commemoration ceremony on Friday the 23rd of April. Jehoash, Leonora, Annie, Skylar and Joel spoke to the entire school assembly about the history of the ANZAC spirit and why Australia has ANZAC Day on the 25th of April each year.

Many of our students found it very interesting that the Australian Defence Force helps Australia not just in wartime, but in times of disaster, like the 2020 Bushfires, Floods and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Jehoash thanked the Defence Force members on behalf of the school for all their help.

The Gallipoli Oak tree was planted by Colonel Slade (retired Australian Defence Force – Signals Corps and Mrs Brasier’s father) on the 100-year anniversary of the Landing at Gallipoli Cove (1915). This Oak was planted in 2015. It was a seed from an oak tree from Gallipoli in Turkey. Many classes came and looked at the Gallipoli Oak and completed activities in their classroom about ANZAC Day and the history of the Gallipoli Oak tree.

The Year 4 ANZAC leaders with the Gallipoli Oak.

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